Lake Diefenbaker was formed when the South Saskatchewan River was dammed. This created a natural bay that attracted local boat enthusiasts. Cabri Park became a Regional Park in 1976 and with the help of local volunteers, this beautiful park surrounded by beautiful trees, a welcoming environment and essential services for camping was created and maintained. The Riverhills surrounding the park are great for hiking and bird watching. The park is located near the Great Sandhills and the Cabri Museum which houses artifacts illustrating the history of the area.

Fertile valleys, rolling hills, and a meandering river come together to form the backdrop of the Riverhills; a place of incredible beauty, timeless traditions and tranquility. Nestled between the bustling cities of Swift Current to the South and Leader to the North, Cabri Regional Park offers a wide choice of things to see and do during your visit, from exploring trails, to unforgettable fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, camping, and disc golf adventures.

This unique area of the Southwest region is increasingly recognized internationally for its charming communities, the local outdoor enthusiast scene and it overall ambiance and quality of adventure.

Whether you come for a day or stay for a season, your senses will be filled by your experiences in the Riverhills - its sights, its sounds and its smells will be your guide as each day presents a new adventure.